This Page is for customers that run into an Issue while on a Cart

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Cart doesn’t move?

Have you turned the key from “Off” to “On”?

Is the cart in Neutral? If it is change the shift lever under the seat from neutral to either “F” or “Forward” or to “R” or “Reverse.” If it is in reverse there should be a buzzer sounding at the same time. On electric EzGo RXV carts, the key switch selects forward “F”, reverse “R”, or neutral “N”. Check that it is in the appropriate gear and not in the “Off” position.

Pedals are the same as in your car, the long skinny one makes the cart go, the wide one makes the cart stop.

Setting the parking brake

When not in use, or when on an incline please set the parking brake. Club Car parking brake is set by pressing the brake pedal and the parking brake switch in the upper right corner until the brake clicks and the pedal stays down. Gas powered EzGo carts have the parking brake at the top of the brake pedal clicks and the pedal stays down. To deactivate simply press the gas pedal, the brake pedal will release.  Electric EzGo carts set the parking brake when not moving, the cart will click a few times when it set after you’ve stopped, and once the accelerator will release the brake. If the battery on this cart goes dead the parking brake will set and the cart will be immobilized until charged.

Cart won’t start?

In cool or colder weather, or if the cart has been sitting for a while some golf carts require the use of the choke. This is located near or under the forward/reverse selector. Club Cars have a button that is circular and somewhat flush, this should be pressed in until the cart starts and begins to move. EzGo carts have a choke pull under the driver’s leg. Pull the choke until the cart starts and begins to move.

Like modern vehicles some carts have fuel injections. These carts do not have a choke and will start after a few seconds.

Key doesn’t fit?

If your cart says “EzGo” or “Cushman” the key should have a round end. If your cart says “Club Car” the key end should be rectangle with the key chain ring in the corner.  If your cart says “Yamaha” the key end is a rounded rectangle with a full length key chain ring slot

Keys fit only the make that they are designed for. Please do not force a key if it is the wrong one.

I ran out of gas!

Gas powered carts take regular unleaded gasoline. The fuel tanks are located under the seat. The seat pulls up from the rear. Please do not over tighten the fuel cap. If diesel fuel is added discontinue use of the cart immediately and contact Joe Perdue at (360) 471-9786.

How do I charge this thing?

Electric carts use a standard wall outlet. If the cart is completely dead it will take between 6-8 hours to obtain a full charge. Use only the provided charger, as carts may require a unique charger to charge properly and prevent damage.